Megasonic Carriers

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UAB makes New and Refurbished Megasonic Carriers for the CFM Full-Flow and Omni Systems.

8100 Tefzel Carrier                    8100 "Mobetta" with SS Covers

8100 Standard Carrier        8100 Mobetta Carrier

We manufacture carriers for the following Omni System sizes:

  •        8100 Standard Carrier (8" Wafers, 100 Slots)
  • 8100 Mobetta (same as above, with stronger bottom bar, enhanced energy in slots 1-2 and 99-100) and Stainless Steel covers.

  •        8050 Standard Carrier (8" Wafers, 50 Slots)
  •        6100 Standard Carrier (6" Wafers, 100 Slots)
  •        Customize wafer carriers to meet your specific requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Made to the Original CFM Specifications, can be customized
  • Comes with a 6 Month Warranty (except for Hot Ozonated Sulfuric Processes)
  • UAB made virtually all of the carriers for CFM, Mattson and SCP - these are OEM.


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